International Food Supply and Service

IFSS is a young and dynamics company with diversified activities in the marketing and distribution of premium quality food ingredients.

Our core business activities are focusing on deliver application specific food ingredients with quality services to the 5 major Product Categories – Cake, Chocolate, Bread, Bakery Machinery and HORECA-supplies.

The professional company environment has created success in many markets for years. We emphasize the operation in Vietnam by developing a new organization with aims to provide Bakers in Vietnam the Solutions and Services of Bakery ingredients from well- known manufacturers on the world.

The passion of our people & the commitment of our team distillate into our business.

Activities combined with passions in working that gives the energy to react and succeed in a fast-moving world, a passion that leads us to a long term vision.

We believe that leadership is not just about size; it is also about behavior. Trust, too, is about behavior; and we recognize that trust is earned only over a long period of time by consistently delivering on our promises.

Our reputation is created by the way the people act with clients. At IFSS, People are our Value. The company is built up by people and for people. We do respect each person at IFSS and commit to give a stable development to each on parallel to the company development.

At IFSS, we are a family, where our people feel safe and sound for their personal growing up as well as their career. Alike a big tree, IFSS create them by knowledge, skills, and experiences so they can enable their talents unlimited.

IFSS offer the personalized attention and unrivalled support to our customers. We believe in distributing the quality food ingredients, working along with our reputable global business partners to provide innovative and effective food ingredients solution to our customers.

Our years of experience in the food industry have taught us to put our customers first. By providing quality food ingredients with personalized service through our motivated team of professionals, we aim to achieve our mission to profitably meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

All products imported and distributed by IFSS are certified Safety to human health. As food safety has become an increasing area of concern to numerous food manufacturers, all our food ingredients suppliers are fully committed and adheres to the highest standard of the Food Safety as a means of deliver safe and high quality products to our customers.